Old V*ne Features/Unrepresented Group

So I just wanted to make a post about some features from V*ne that I believe should be implemented into Byte.

I made a google drive folder with some videos explaining these features along with some v*nes that were possible with these features.

Audio Remix
Feature that Tiktok took from V*ne
Helps users identify songs and provides an archive of ideas that can boost creativity

Audio Remix Editor
Having an audio spectrum display in the editor; helpful in selecting transitions

Sound Effects
I feel like a sound effect tab could have the same potential as floaties
Good for meme accounts too

Switch Accounts

Time Remapping
The most important feature that helped lots of people create aesthetic/artsy vines
All anime editors use time remapping in editing software such as sony vegas or after effects

I’ve come across some Byters and others that create more of these kinds of bytes

The list goes…
@Kathleen (Byte)
@RebaV (Byte)
@Memories (Byte)


I liked audio remix because they were a lot of great music viners and I’d rather give my fellow users more visibility. But it also can create a lot of copyright issues. And sometimes people don’t want to be remixed…


I would love to see the return of “bruh sound effect #2”.

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I actually mentioned the remix feature in a previous post. Nonetheless, I think it’s an awesome idea! The remix feature that I was mentioning from Vine allowed you to use audio from another user’s post. It would notify that user that made the audio that someone used their audio and also there was a button that you could tap on on the other person’s post that would lead you back to the original post.

I also remember the idea that you mentioned where you could select from a list of real songs and include them on your videos. I’m not really sure of the name of both of them (maybe they were both considered remixes? I’m not sure lol). Either way I agree with you, Tik Tok took both of those ideas from Vine and now Byte needs to take back what’s rightfully theirs lol!

I agree with @onkelchrispy, when he was saying that we may not be able to use the real song snippet aspect of Byte remix since ppl are going to start getting paid on Byte, due to copyright issues. I’m not sure that the Byte team will have a way around that, but honestly if they did, that would be an awesome feature to have!

I also agree with onkelchrispy, on the fact that being able to use other Byte user’s audio would be a good way to support each other’s content. I also feel like it could be good for trending purposes as well. For example, someone makes this iconic viral byte that everyone wants to remake using the original audio, instead of having to use external software to do it, it could be easily done on the app. Onkelchrispy also has a good point that everyone may not want their byte’s to be remixed, but I think a good way to get around that issue is having a setting set up where you can choose whether or not you want that feature turned on or off.

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Please listen to me finally :sob:

These ideas are so important to make Byte seem wholistic and more stable as an app.
I’d also recommend adding DMs or adding the Peach apps UI to byte in a future update!!!