Old town road

Hey guys what do you think about this video? (honest opinions please I want to improve but in order to do that I have to know my mistakes)


Honest opinion you seemed a little awk like you don’t know what to do in front the cam, also try smiling a bit more. Honestly when you’re on camera just act like you do when no ones watching lol, best content is natural, so become more at ease. Your having fun with friends remember that’s why you make your vids :grin: not because you’re being judged by the world

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Also I just followed lol


btw, for future reference, label this under #promote-yourself

Oh okey, sorry and thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Yeah it was kind of improvised, thank you so much <3

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No problemo

this isn’t her promoting herself tho, it’s just her asking for our opinion. so #vids fits it more


opinion on her own video

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ye but that isn’t promoting herself and expecting more followers. she just wants genuine feedback on her video