Okay ya'll uh here's more hype I need to let it out lmao

Hi guys

OKAY so over the past day and night I have written down 40 Byte ideas, I’ve thought of more but some I forgot before I managed to put it down and I couldn’t remember :’) But yeah, 40 ideas and counting :'D others have said they’re doing this too, so how are you doing with it XD

Y’know people on YouTube make these things like ‘The MCU as vines’, ‘Harry Potter as vines’, ‘Detroit: Become Human as vines’ and so on, do you think people are going to do that sort of thing… with Bytes? :thinking:

I wanted to put something else here but I forgot what it was
Like my other Byte ideas


Yeah, anyway to monopolize and get views. It’s actually interesting that you mentioned these compilation videos. I Twitch stream and post video game videos on YouTube and currently, there is a gentleman who is putting together eSport compilations of fighting games, like Tekken and Super Smash Brothers, and he’s making money hand over foot from it. One of the professional gamers called him out on it, since he won about $30k from a tournament over three days of playing, and this kid made almost $100k (currently, will continue to grow) for editing a 15 minute video together.

I’m all for compilations, but at what point do the people who took the time and energy into creating the actual product start pushing back? Just interesting because I had watched the video, said “I could do that and make a killing too, there’s nothing too it”, then read more about the subject, and here this topic is.

Kane out.


I’m also listing ideas, I have like 11 and counting as of the moment hahaha


Keep it up!

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Hate when you have a funny/nice idea and forget it.


I can’t wait to start posting :sob::sob::sob:I just hope byte will have viral classics like vine did.


i have got a couple of ideas so far. I am sure I will think of more as we near the launch date