Okay... This Has Gone On Long Enough On Twitter

I keep seeing people on Twitter replying to Don’s tweets with “TELL US WHEN YOU WILL RELEASE V2!!!”

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m on a thin thread of patience with the wait myself. But we have to remember that it takes a lot to make an app and to test it and make more corrections to it to make it better. Not to mention the fact that HE IS PAYING WITH HIS OWN MONEY to make the app. So we must wait until its ready for release to the public.

On a side note, is he really putting up his own money, or is he doing that and with the help of donations from other investors?

Just a thought.



I know, if they want a finished app and not rushed they will have to wait. As for the money side of things I think at the moment it’s just Doms own money but I’m not 100% on that.


I just don’t understand why people are so impatient. I understand we all want it to come out quick but we aren’t the ones building the app. Most of us don’t know how long that process takes but don’t mind asking for v2 to come out quick… I’m all for waiting if it mean a good smooth running app.


my bro is an app dev and i can truly see the hardwork that is being kept on a simple app. so yeaaa patience makes the app all the more fruitfull

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Patience is all it takes.

They are just some persons that show that the want the app, It can be good to Dom, because that show how many people want the app

I’m a pretty thin thread of patience myself but the most I want is just frequent updates and possibly to see if he’ll do the twitch channel he was mentioning lol

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You can’t really blame them all too much. It’s what happens when v2 gets announced early.

also, there’s another project he’s working on and it’s called interspace. is that gonna be v2 or is that a complete different project?

I’m pretty sure it’s different, or else this would probably be called the Interspace community forums. also i think he put a preview on his vine account and i believe it’s the last one

It does annoy me when that’s all anyone says in his comments. Most of them are probably kids who have nothing better to do than hate, though. Still, I hope Dom tweets about patience sometime soon so they can stop yelling at him about it.

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