Okay...calm down everyone

I’m making this post a couple of hours (10 hours) after Dom’s announcement so hopefully all the comotion has died down a bit.

It seems we’ve lost some people to rival apps, but as always, they’re always welcome back when v2 is ready. I am convinced we will eventually get v2 because Dom specifically said that it is postponed. Postponed ≠ Cancelled.


≠ means ‘is not equal to’ for those of you who don’t know

Dom’s exact words were:

“I’ve made the very difficult decision of postponing the V2 project for an indefinite amount of time.”

Nothing has changed. There was never a set date when v2 was happening, and Dom simply did not anticipate the legal and financial burden when he decided to take on the project.

Another direct quote from him is:

“We take a step back. The code and ideas still exist, but until everything else comes together, we can’t move forward.”

So in theory, Dom is the only one who’s seen the Beta version of this app, but he says the code exists. We need to overcome the legal and financial hurdles in this situation. One step at a time. Those are pretty big big burdens.

I’ve seen numerous people make posts and tweets telling Dom to start a kickstarter or some other crowdfunding site, and I’ve also seen numerous people (including myself) saying they would donate to the cause.

Some people also came up with ideas to get former V*ners to promote the kickstarter, and I think that’s a wonderful idea because summer is coming up, and summer is when the most online content gets the most popular because most adolescents and university students are out of school and bored at home in need of entertainment. So we can rebuild that hype during that time to get a new flood of people.

All we need here is Dom’s approval, which we don’t have yet because he hasn’t responded to any of our requests so far, and that’s understandable.

It’s a lot of stress on him to receive the backlash from coming out to say that the app is being postponed. He has his own life and his own projects, and I’m sure at the end of the day he’s tired, as anyone would be. He has a lot of responsibility to shoulder.

*So if anyone has ideas on how to fundraise, know any sponsors we can reach out to that might want to fund v2, personally know any social media stars/are followed by that you could dm for some publicity for fundraising, anyone that has background in coding, or in legal, then please compile a list and save it somewhere safe until we get a response to these requests so we have everything ready to go.

And for the meantime, go on other apps. Make a youtube channel. Promote yourself on other sites. You don’t have to wait around. But when the time comes that we can help out, I ask you be here for the community, for Dom, and for v2. This is the best community I have ever been a part of and I have made actual friends on here which is wonderful.

For now, relax a bit, have some hot chocolate, watch some videos, do your homework. Wind down. We’re in the calm after the storm.

but if you have any ideas for the section with the * in front of it, do start to brainstorm to yourself, save ideas/articles/links to useful info in an email. at a later time we can make a group chat or a group email or something to get an actual legit list of things we can do

Have a nice rest of your day and peace out x

p.s: never give up


I agree. It was never cancelled, it was delayed. People are saying V2 is over and stuff, and it’s like the end of the world. :confused: But we just gotta hang in there and wait a little bit longer!


yeah!! (8char)


Thanks for this! This spread the message better than I ever could’ve lol. thank you


lmao i don’t know about that, but np! just trying to stay positive.


I mean most people are just trying out other apps as of now until v2 comes out. So they are not really gone yet.


Hot chocolate sounds darn dandy right about now


See thats where I think your wrong, Yes he never said he was canceling the V2, however he was endorsing and helping the competitors such as Oevo. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when an App developer is promoting competition there is a HUGE problem. I really hope he realizes the importance and profitability of V2 and starts working on it again but I just don’t think its going to happen.

The problem simply is financial and legal issues. Because the hold could be a while, that’s why Dom is suggesting other apps. He does not endorse any as he has not given out any specific names of apps to try. As for OEVO, I doubt Dom has been communicating with them. They seem to rival v2 and sent this notification out to all of their users today.IMG_-d4jgo8


I got it as well, but its as clear as daylight he’s helping the competition… its over…

I’m a social media star. I can contribute $3.70 and a 20% discount to all Disney World merchandise


Thanks, Parker.


hot chocolate is always good fam


i know that dude, i mean a few people made posts about being done with v2 for good bc they’re impatient


Dom was never endorsing Oevo or whatever else. everyone knows it’s crappy, even the people who are paid to promote it.

he’ll be working on v2 as soon as he gets over the hurdles that are financials and legal.

what @TheKingHusker said sums it up.


I think he feels bad about the new update, and he just really wants his followers to be happy.

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I’m telling you, someone on these forums literally works for OEVO. It wasn’t an exaggeration.


everyone needs to read this post


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That notification made me want to throw my phone off a cliff. The creators are pathetic, immature and not professional

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