Ok serious question

  • Sicko Mode
  • Mo Bamba

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Sicko Bamba


Sicko Mode…only because the music video was AMAZING.

I think Travis Scott is really good

bamba mode

Hotline Bling

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sicko mode is only good for the first and last thirds

I haven’t heard either lel

Ok prior to seeing this post I hadn’t heard either of them, so I thought I’d give them a listen. Also worth noting that I’m not a fan of rap in general.


Musically, Sicko Mode comes out on top, but to be fair the competition wasn’t that great. Mo Bamba sounds the same throughout. I guess it’s catchy at the beginning, but like 15 seconds in it gets boring. I kinda zoned out after the first 30 seconds. Mo Bamba is 3 minutes, 5 seconds of the same thing.


Lyrically, I wasn’t paying attention because they both seemed pretty pointless anyway.

video quality

And finally, in terms of music video quality, Sicko Mode is the obvious winner. I understand that the Mo Bamba music video had a smaller budget, but still, it wasn’t anything creative. More of the same.

in conclusion,

The song I like better is Sicko Mode

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Deffo Sicko Mode. By far <3