Oh silent byte (sounds)

Raised this before and still looking for confirmation that;
a) this is experienced by any other users.
b) Byte team are aware and/or working on

I’m not sure if this goes for just iOS bytes that use an “original sound” but with the help of @Abbyiguess and @Pillboy let me show you how I see your bytes if you use a sound shorter than the maximum length with a clip that exceeds the length of the sound.

I kinda hope it’s just me because it would suck megaballz if all iPhone users bytes looked like this on android. Plus you could send me sekret messages, I have alpha DMs yo. As far as I can tell this happens every time if you don’t have video that matches or is lesser than the length of the sound you use.

If there’s a way to flag this to the team from a mod maybe someone could? A nod that it’s been noted would be kewl :eyes:


that makes me sad :frowning: I would have adjusted the clip if I knew thats what other people were seeing.

Like I said, hopefully it’s just me because I’d be sad too :grimacing: I only learned a couple days ago that the clip is supposed to match the sound when imported :rofl:

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I thought everyone was just really bad at using sounds :flushed:

yeah its kind of hard to really know exactly how long the clip should be… bc initially i wanted to post the full clip. then i saw the clip was cut short to make it loop on my end, so i assumed that it just cut the clip for me. good to know. thank you for letting me know.

The addition of the trimming update should hopefully make it less of a hassle.

This is the exact thing we were discussing/testing the other day.

@abbyiguess - is the duration of the clip you uploaded over pillboy’s beat longer than the beat itself? For me, the byte you posted is a perfect audio loop; that’s something I have been having trouble with when using sounds

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yeah, my original clip is longer. i just assumed when it cut part of the clip on my end, it automatically did that with everyone. i guess i wasn’t thinking.

That’s how it’s supposed to be apparently! I believe its showing the same over iOS but not sure for android users.

It’s the same issue I keep having. It shows correctly to iPhone users, Android is completely hit or miss, leaning towards miss.

Only when I download the byte on my iPhone, is when I notice the extended clip at the end w/o sound