OG byters: tell me journey

I remember when I first began to use byte, me and few others were disheartened because we felt like our content wasn’t really being seen by anyone. That lead to me taking a few breaks of leaving and coming back to to the app to see if there was any change and to see what friends had posted.

This time I have come back it has been so different. Although I am aware that some of alt tiktok can be quite toxic, I’ve got to thank a lot of them because they interact with posts like crazy hahaha. Many have been friendly and appreciate the advice I give about how to use the app and give the nicest compliments about my content.

Things I am extremely grateful for in the past week:

• gained 500 followers in 3 days
• one byte hit 1000 likes in 2 days
• one byte was put in the ‘spotlight’
• over 100 comments on 2 bytes
• my past 3 bytes have been the top popular post in the singing category
• people are paying attention to the words in my original songs
• I’ve made so many more friends!!!

5 months ago I wouldn’t have believed that any of that would be possible and I would have laughed if you had told me it would happen. But here I am and byte is taking off and I feel like I am as well.

I would really love to know if any other OG byters are having similar experiences and what their journey has been like :slightly_smiling_face:


I was here in the beginning and got some decent engagement on videos, but life got in the way and I didnt get on for a while. Now it’s all pretty low, 5-15 likes cause of the new users kinda overshadowing and not liking skits as much. BUT I think that’s pretty great that we have so many new users on here to grow the app, and I still get a little growth. So no harm no foul :slight_smile:


I understand what you mean. Real life has got to come first always.

The new users are mostly posting the same sort of content like “how do you use this app”, “where are the sounds” and “new feature that are coming to byte”. In a couple of weeks when people get more adjusted, that sort of content will no longer be trending and people will be looking for alternative entertainment. When that happens, I hope your engagement starts to pick up x


I was here since December and have seen it all. I pulled good engagement and made so many friends and seen so many things! I took a break though to figure everything out but I am now coming back stronger than ever and I am soo ready for whats to come!


i remember when this first came out and i was excited to get it, The app didn’t have floating text, gifs, or even the timer. So it was really hard to really record things unless you made like a simple joke or uploaded something else. I just posted random shorts videos i would end up deleting later on. They got likes almost instantly which was super strange because i just posted it. I began to see that there were comments that made zero sense and were just tagging to follow them. I later found out that those were bots and that the person botting had lots of followers (i assume since his bots were everywhere when the app first started) briskgod was his user but i think he is banned now so it’s fine

It was also like really empty on the your mix page. I deleted the app but then i came back to it just 2 days ago because i saw that tik tok might be banned and wanted to go on byte again.


Oh, ya I forgot about the bots! That was crazy. I’d post a video and it’d get like 10 likes off the bat and comments like “lol so funny follow me”


Honey, you are a force to be reckoned with.
Congratulations on so many accomplishments! You should be proud of yourself, I’m very proud of you!


I’ve been here for months on months and I’ve been getting a lot more support, views, etc. However not nearly as much as you are describing.

I support and respect everyone on this platform and I will never take away from the achievements you’ve made. It does kinda feel like the OG byters were swept away when everyone flooded in though.

I’ve seen people get more followers than I have in months in a day. Just kinda hurts when you’ve been supporting this app for a really long time.

But hey I’m not going anywhere my time will come. Or at least that’s what they say :call_me_hand:t2:


Thank you rommie!! I’m glad whenever I come back that you are always here and making content that makes people smile. There is a reason why so many people quote you when talking about their fave byters x

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Nope :joy:

It’s lovely to hear that you feel like you’re progressing in the app. I must say that I was never doing badly on byte. My 6 or 7 posts gained 150 likes each. I just felt like it mostly bots interacting with me as other people have said.

I’m very glad that your plan is to keep going! The new people have it a bit easier unfortunately but I know all your hard work will pay off soon!!

Nope? :joy:

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I’ve been here since February and I’ve heard a lot of people say that at one point they got a huge influx of followers but that’s never happened to me before. My followers have been a slow grind since day 1 but I get decent engagement now. 100-150 likes per post which is great. But I think I have worked extremely hard to get every single one of those followers from posting once, sometimes twice a day, collaborating with a ton of people, interacting with the community etc.

But even then I have 1000 followers and I doubt even half of them are still using the app :man_shrugging:t2: Whatever though it’s been fun.


That was seriously such a nice thing to say. Made me tear up :pleading_face::two_hearts: you’re so sweet and legit a talented singer and songwriter! Would love to collab :innocent:


I joined when it opened up to public beta, so in January. I’ve been pretty consistent in uploading since about March? Slightly pre-quarantine. I originally started making just- whatever videos. I did think about comedy, but I really enjoy poetry, baking, and nature, and after one of my videos made it into spotlight, I realised that other’s also enjoyed that content, which was was encouraging enough to convince me to focus on it. It’s not necessarily anything I expect to make me “win” at byte, or top any type of charts (except maybe the nature (RIP) category or soothing for like an hour), but it’s what I love, and being able to share it with others helps me fight my anxiety about going places.

That being said, the response is insane and way exceeds anything I was expecting. I’ve more than doubled my followers- added over 500. Had a byte posted this week be the first of my bytes to get over 800 likes (I was thrilled to pull like 50 before this week), actually now have a byte at 3k likes which is. Insanity. I actually hit “byte at 1k likes” and “byte at 2k likes” on the same day, with the same video.
I’ve had multiple bytes hit 10k this week, which wasn’t necessarily a number I was anticipating to see from a single video.
They’ve actually been super nice for the most part and sort of welcomed me/accepted me into one of their sub communities, which is really sweet.

Like the response to this one in particular is just. Insane to me. https://byte.co/b/6OqkkkpxNt


I started when the app first came out for everybody.
I haven’t gotten popular at all
The most likes I’ve ever gotten was 15

Congrats on your accomplishments though :+1:


When I got here (feb2020) it was like the height of bots and users self-promoting and spamliking, so I had a surprisingly large (for me) following right off the bat.

Then I noticed that new engagement died with the updates, but my mutuals were really active and we were all creating a lot of interesting content for each other. I think most of my personal favorites on my channel were from this era.

Then it just… died off. A lot of people in my “circle” who were looking for more engagement left. It started getting frustrating for me too, lol I was convinced that I’d been shadowbanned because I had no new engagement for so long. A week before tiktok stuff went down, I was considering giving up entirely

Then, you know, last week happened. It’s honestly been the most fun I’ve had on the app so far. Watching so many people fearlessly put themselves out there has inspired me to share my face/voice on social media for the first time in years!

Now I just hope my older followers don’t feel like I’ve forgotten them while I work on expanding and building my channel.

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I’m so freaking happy for you!
You’re incredibly talented and you’re getting the recognition you deserve :hugs:.

My journey has been very smooth and exciting on byte. I’ve been on it since the first beta wave and I remember telling myself, just to freaking post content and stop being shy about it or else I’d regret it.
I’m glad I eventually did start posting, because for the first time in my life I felt 100% accepted and it made me open up so damn much.

I got to witness 2 influxes so far and each one brought something different to me. I gained more followers during the first one but I feel like I had way more engagement this time and overall it blows my mind, because I never thought people would even care that much about what I do.
Or even interact with me outside of the app.
I feel like I’m slowly building up something on byte and it makes me so happy.
I genuinely found a home on byte


I tried doing my thing on Vine and then like, 5 Vines in, the closure was announced. Have been holding out hope ever since the rumours of a ‘V.2’…Then felt vindicated when Byte was announced…And since that announcement I started writing down ideas for short-forms and knew I was going to continue and expand upon when I tried Vine; toy skits, but now reviews too, because as a collector, I’ve enjoyed several YouTube toy reviewers over the years and even though I’d love to do something like that, it feels like that YT is covered, y’know? So then thought it’d be nice and different to do short-form reviews, with my skits.

I’ve a notebook where I’ve got down all kinds of ideas for my Byte and basic framework if ever I got somewhere with creating my own ‘brand’… (Which is unlikely, so that’s a big ‘if’!) So if the potential future happened where collector communities and traders and such looked to short-form entertainment, I’d be able to throw down my Byte resume, ready to go, and introduce myself :stuck_out_tongue: But as I say; unlikely! XD

The only thing is, in the time it took from Byte’s announcement to the public reveal (even the Betas), TikTok came on the scene and, as we know, swallowed up a lot of those who needed their Vine itch scratching…And when I first heard about TT, I was curious about it, but decided it wouldn’t be suitable for the kind of stuff I wanted to do, so held out on waiting for Byte and very thankful I did. ^^ I may have a silly fantasy, but I’m doing stuff on Byte that makes me happy and hopefully can bring a smile to someone. ^^

(Bonus: the extension of videos in Bytes became a blessing for me, because it means that I have more flexibility; with my skits, they’re only as long as they need to be, but with the reviews, I can go in-depth and fill out the full 15, no problem ^^)

Sorry, long post XD

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I tried doing that as well. I haven’t used that in a while though because I don’t have a lot of good ideas.