Official Byte Commercial Thread

This will be the location for all updates, information, and more about the commercial


It would be very much appreciated if i could get videos from different parts of the community for example someone submitting a video on makeup like @ash does or someone doing video edits like @ryze or something within art like @MattFogarty the videos submitted can 6.5 seconds or less and do not have to be anything specific just make it interesting, and creative. As long as your video meets the criteria it will be featured i promise, don’t worry about your video not being enough or being too boring have confidence because your gonna need it when the app actually releases


This is a project to not only show the strength of our community but to do some advanced promotion for byte, why i want as many people as possible is so later on I can say our community contributed to something really great. Hopefully i can get enough submissions to create the best video. If the commercial gets really good feedback from you guys and does really well in terms of views and attraction i will try to submit it to dom to see if he would be interested in putting it on twitter. So with that being said all submissions are welcome and the deadline for submission is February 14th 2019

Submit to me via email

If you can’t submit via email dm me on ig @imjustinnovoa so we can work something out

Or if not ig or email just personal message me here

~ JJ


I sent a vid to @sydknoxx is it for the same purpose?

I believe it’s different

its different

Yeah, its totally different. I promise. But it’s all for promotion :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is going to be great!