Official BestOfBytes Comp Channel Content Call (How To Be In Our Next Compilation)

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for the love shown to our first compilation! ( )

This is an official call for new content for our next comedy comp!

this compilation will consist of CLEAN comedy bytes. No bytes with profanity or sexual innuendo will be included.

for those non-comedy creators, I haven’t forgotten you, I will likely be making other types of comps in the near future

My goal for this channel is to showcase an equal amount of popular and lesser known content, I want to help those who don’t have larger followings but who have good content! That’s why I am leaving this opportunity open to everyone regardless of following or popularity.

if you would like to be featured please follow these steps
1 tag BOTH of the following accounts in the byte you would like considered: @TheArielleGirl AND @thebestofbytes
2 Please limit tagging your own content to 2 tags a day. If I do not like the byte you tagged I WILL scroll down to look at some of your other content to consider that instead. You do not need to tag me in every post, only one to two of your best. You may do this once a day (obviously you may have new content that wasn’t available at the beginning of the week).
3 please go subscribe to the BestOfBytes YouTube channel. While this one is not strictly required (I won’t be checking) it would be nice if I could gain a good subscriber base. At 1,000 subscribers I can monetize the account which would give me a good incentive to continue making compilations
4 comment back here that you have tagged me, or that you subscribed, or really anything to keep the action on this post, the more action the higher up it is to be seen and I want as many people to have this opportunity as possible

misc notes
-The compilation will be roughly in order of when I see the byte
-though I ask that you would limit tagging your own work to once a day, you may tag other creators as much as possible, in fact nominating another creator’s work is highly encouraged
-the compilation will likely be dropped sometime next week and I will mention your handle both on the forums and in the video description (your handle will also be visible in the video)
-I do not want this channel to be a tool that I use strictly to increase my following, I want this to be an opportunity for everyone. But if you are willing and would like to check out my content at @TheArielleGirl I would definitely appreciate it :wink:
-tagging is not a guarantee that I will use your content, it simply brings it to my attention
-I am also running two social media accounts that I am also willing to feature on. The process for being considered is the same.
Twitter @bestofbytes
Instagram @thebestofbytes
(Drop a follow)


This opportunity will be open all week until I post the video.

this is awesome, so glad we have people bringing attention to byte. I went ahead and followed and subbed everywhere, and tagged my last byte. Good luck on monetizing!

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Thank you!!

Username: Briankscott on byte
@TheArielleGirl AND @bestofbytes
Please watch all of my bytes so you can make an informed decision

Will do :blush:

i’ve tagged both accounts in two of my videos

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Subbed to YouTube, followed on Twitter and byte, and tagged you in the comment on my latest byte :slight_smile: Thanks for doing this!

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I will be tagging and following you shortly. Thank you for what you’re trying to do for the lesser known byte community.

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@TheArielleGirl @bestofbytes I’ll tag you in the comments of a few of my personal favorites! Choose whichever you like the best. Thank you for doing this!!

It’s my pleasure!

Sure thing!

@TheArielleGirl I tagged you in a few of my favorite bytes of mine I hope you enjoy them, I appreciate the opportunity as well I think it’s a very good idea thank you :grin::ok_hand:t6:

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Just commenting to bring this back up to the top so more people can see it :blush:

subscribed to the channel and tagged you in my posts :slight_smile: @znarve

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@Adrioxas i spam funny bytes some swear though skip those lol

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I’d love for people to still be able to see this!