Offensive jokes

Do u think it is offensive to make jokes about tumblr like the app tumblr
And the ridiculous people that fetishise serial killers and people who encourage pedophilia saying that there "age fluid I mean I’ve been on tumblr a lot and i have some jokes about these stuff but i don’t wanna come out as offensive

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It’s not offensive to make jokes about tumblr, depending on content inside the joke

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Like jokes about how people dumb some people on tumblr are? Like if they bieleve that they are something they must have that thing and everyone that disagrees is big homophobe/transphobic/mysogonist/fat shaming

I don’t think there’s a problem about making jokes about an App, but anyway I recomend you to read these threads:

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I don’t believe there is any problem. As long as jokes are used as a joke or to improve a video’s comedic effect, there should be no issues.

Depends how you present them, but I think if that’s your sense of humor, people will get it and laugh.

Check this out


I really dont think it can be offensive it all depends on the joke really. Also remember people now a days take offense to everything. A little bit of banter didnt hurt anyone. I don’t think people will be offended if its directed towards the app.

@jennifer That’s one of the best points.

Plus, if he is genuinely good at telling these jokes, he should be, because that’s a part of his personality.

Nah, tumblr is one hell of a joke. hybristophilia is so disgusting