Off-Site V***/V2 Compilations Need To Stop (if/when we monetize V2)

I really do agree with this. If I put so much effort into making videos for V2, I wouldn’t want them to be taken, and then posted in other places. I do kind of like your second step more, because even in V2 had a streaming compilation ready, that wouldn’t combat the ‘video stealing’ as much as like telling them to take it down, or something!

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Thank you so much for spreading :heart:

When looking at it from a different perspective, I wasn’t someone kept up with vine until the last 6 mos of its existence. However, from watching these vine compilations I knew who a lot of these people on vine were. Really, its up to the individual creator, but it’s not bad for exposure.

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I had those same thoughts in my head. So from thinking, leave it up to the creator if they want their videos downloaded. For example, in settings there could be toggles stating 1. Video downloads for: Me only, anyone with watermark, anyone without water mark.

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Exactly. Easy and simple too.

Very much so. As someone who consumes Youtube BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER I’ve seen so many that none should be getting made period.

The thing is I looked on YouTube guidelines and I saw that you can’t monetize vine compilations. Them getting money isn’t the big problem here

The compilations should be posted on here so we can all report the videos

This is a very good point, many people got into vine after seeing compilations on youtube.

Completely agree. People earn money off of our work just because it was uploaded to a different site? Not good. We should have a place where if someone finds a V2 compilation with vines from all these users, the users should be notified so they can claim and strike down the video.

Yes, if any of my future vines (or should we call them V2’s) get big, then I will be spending a good amount of time each day searching and reporting videos like that if they feature one of my videos.