Off-Site V***/V2 Compilations Need To Stop (if/when we monetize V2)

Not gonna lie, it’s convenient to be able to click on a 30 minute video of a pre-made playlist containing all the hip and trendy 6 second ADHD-clips, so as to avoid the hassle of exploring yourself to find funny videos, but if we want to be taken seriously as a content creation alternative to YouTube, then we can’t let YouTube channels, and by extension, YouTube, take advantage of the work we will make, and make money off of them.

Imo, we need to take two steps in order to prevent essentially creative theft. The first step, which was already suggested by @SelenaGomez, is a method that V2 can use to create automatic, streamed (not a video with a set time) compilations of popular v2 vids, thus making more vids more easily accessible, and able to be filtered by topic or genre.

The second step we have to take is a somewhat offensive strategy against compilation channels. They will be naturally eager to continue doing what made them so popular before, once V2 is released and popular enough. Somehow, V2 would need to make it impossible for such compilations to be made on YouTube, or at least impossible to be made at such an extant as they were before, either through the technicalities of V2 videos, some type of legal option, or something else (you’re welcome to comment suggestions).

Speaking of commenting, leave ideas below if you have anything else to suggest that could optimize V2 in terms of making it a relevant and realistic platform for artists. Have a good one. :ok_hand:t3:

@SelenaGomez’s post: V2 should create a “Compilation Option” (Trending Meme)


That is true because people made money off of other’s vines


I’ll make it six seconds long hol up

I can somewhat agree with this idea, but it can become increasingly difficult for people without smartphones to watch the art created by the Artist once V2 is released. Some of these people who are in this predicament use YouTube as a way to see these Vines, considering they have access to a computer, laptop, or something of that sort. This is similar to pirating movies, so I am assuming (please correct me if I am wrong) that the people behind V2 would have to copyright V2 videos in order to make sure that no one steals the work for their own profit. I’m not sure how that would work, to be honest, I’m not really sure how copyright would work or even help. It can be mentioned within these compilations that the videos they compiled are not theirs and that they do not have the right to them, but they can still get away with putting them up. There would have to be a policy made that would prevent this situation, but also make sure that it is enforced.


Preiciate it, I mean some times Vines go on for too long ya know it?

maybe there could be some sort of watermark system in place?
For example, someone comes to your profile wanting to download one of your videos and v2 automatically puts a watermark with your username and v2 on it.


In another topic, I mentioned the idea of placing obnoxious watermarks on vine whenever they are downloaded or screen recorded (they wouldn’t be visible while regularly viewing the app).

If that were implemented, I would say maybe V2 could create its own youtube channel with staff curated compilations for anyone without V2 to view. Allows people to view V2 videos on youtube which is a big market and hinders the creation of other compilation channels

I would also say the revenue from that could also go to the V2 staff to further support them and the app as a whole?

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I feel like it’s going to take a while for enough vines of a specific genre or subject to be made. Even if someone finds enough vines to make a video, it would take a long time to edit it into a compilation & find enough people to watch it so it can be monetized.

Addressing the first part of your post I think it relates to this post. Watermarks were initially brought up, but it was determined it could easily be cropped out. Everyone really is trying to think of a way to combat theft, but it’s really difficult. There are already a ton of Youtube channels that have names that are supposed to be similar to V2, and have the intention of being compilation channels. I do agree that it sucks that people aren’t getting the credit they deserve from their content because other people decide to repost. It’s genuinely a serious issue. At the end of the day even if V2 made a compilation video, or had an official V2 Youtube channel or something, the artists would still not be able to fully benefit from people watching a compilation video. Yeah they might receive a little more attention for their content, but I think having a V2 making a compilation video is almost the same as random people making compilation videos and posting it. I think the intentions are good, but I’m not convinced this is the solution.

Ex. Someone wants to make an “omae wa mo shinderu” vine compilation. They’d need to find 600 vines that are all 6 seconds long, download those vines, and edit them into a compilation. Assuming they use iMovie, it’ll take a while to change all the transitions between videos. On top of that, even if they upload it to YouTube, people who want to watch the vines will probably have already seen it on V2, making it less likely for the video to be monetized

Explain what your trying to say

A watermark that could be cropped out would certainly be ineffective, but what others have suggested is a watermark that covers the entire piece, similar to the ones you will see on stock photos. It wouldn’t be a compilation video, it would be an on-app stream, that could be tailored based on what type of vid you wanted to see.

Naturally, this would all be implemented if and when V2 is a success, because in the beginning V2 probably isn’t going to be heavily monetized, so these compilations would be essentially free advertisements. Once V2 is as big as Vine was, then the compilations would have to end, as they would become less and less convenient for us and more and more convenient for YouTube channels.



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Exactly and I couldn’t agree more. If they want to remix or use vines in a fair use matter, I’m fine with that. But at right up uploading vines without any additional commentary must be stopped for V2.

I hope if a couple of us notice a complication that goes against copyright we can each flag the video and timestamp the part that our vines are on. This way it’s a community of V2ers comong together to protect our content!

Would also love to here your thoughts. Tag me!

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I really like the watermark idea and I believe it should be implemented. Although downloading-wise I think only the creators of the vines should be able to download their own vines off the site. Watermarking won’t stop people from uploading bit might discourage them if they can’t claim the credit. Great idea!


I actually really like this idea.


So is a “play compilation” button a good or bad idea?

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Thanks :slight_smile:

its a good idea

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i think the compilation idea on v2 is awesome but there may be issues with existing popular vine compilations on youtube… seeing as youtube is the most popular place to see those videos and they have had millions of views