OEVO The only hope

I just emailed them they responded within minutes…

They said it’s still on beta mode for the android

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yea support is good lol i think they have a big team on it

Wait do people actually get paid for OEVO?

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Supposedly…a few on here did

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I mean tbh I don’t see anything wrong with trying oevo out, it may have a few bugs but that’s normal. If you wanna try and gain a following over there just to see how it goes I say why not

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People make money with posting videos and sharing and trending videos. also hashtags… im seeing alot people making money. myself too haha

Haha dude nice plug :grinning:

So far I have won a few hundred dollars on it and it’s always being updated and they listen to the community I’m a top creator on there etc and it’s worth giving it a go as my fan base is growing on there

yea man i dont understand how they have so much money! they are doing it all good by supporting creators!!

They should spend their funding on improving the app. It has potential yanno