OEVO is not V2

I saw a thing on Wikipedia saying that OEVO = V2 and umm… Just no. This just a lack of research. If you were asking NO V2 is not OEVO


Its not v2 but its still great app… i dont know who wrote that wiki page.

Yes I saw that

Its buggy af for me

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The OEVO app is horrible. Ugly, confusing, buggy interface that often crashes. The only people there making any videos seem to be the Viners they paid to make content, and they must be paying them very little based on the quality and infrequency of their posts.

Every video posted by anyone lands on the “On The Rise” page, even with zero likes, because there is so little content being produced. When you set up an account, the app automatically follows all of these former Viners they’re paying, and even then, their videos have only 100-200 likes.

There is no one there. It’s a ghost town. Anyone here hyping that app is probably also being paid to promote it. Don’t waste your time with OEVO.


yea i think we checking different apps. This one trending on app store at like #48… I think that is why people are downloading it… they dont even mention anything about vine in description of in the app… idk how its come up on this forum as competitor for v2 i see it as just another place to get famous.

you, yourself, said that app was a threat, what do you mean you don’t know how it has come up as a competitor on the forum?

My thoughts exactly


Im trying to say it is just another social media. Like musically and cheez.
There are alot of apps out there people use to become famous on.

Wikipedia used to state it. I just had it fixed now. OEVO is NOT v2.

Bro I said on Wikipedia.

LOL I see you on the app commenting on Brandon Calvillo latest video!! :joy: