If you want to use the app, more power to you.

If you think the app is great, amazing!

But not everyone thinks that and that’s within their right. Not wanting to use one specific app does not equate to “sitting on your ass” lmfao

Stop trying to coerce people into using it lmfao

Just because someone isn’t on oevo does not mean they are not working on their talent or trying to build their audience, I don’t know where you got that assumption from lmao

and a tip to everyone, don’t spread yourself so thin. Put most of your focus on one (maybe two) platform and once you’re established there, spread out to others. This is literally what 99% of celebrities, top successful business owners and internet influencers have followed which is contrary to going 100% on every single app possible

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What do you expect? The app will be released when it’s ready. It’s not ready yet, so there is no app. Trust me, Cheezy and OEVO are not “taking over” anything.

What?? I have no idea what this means. Hurting ourselves, how?

You seem to get bent out of shape when anyone criticizes that OEVO app on this forum and jump into every conversation about it to defend it, while at the same time bad-mouthing V2. Dom made no concrete promises for when the V2 app would be in beta or released to the public, he’s only hinted. Right now it’s all an idea, a concept, a plan. That’s it. And once the V2 app does appear, I’m betting it’s going to be MILES better than any of these Vine knock-off apps that have popped up recently, like OEVO.

It’s great if you want to use these apps for “practice,” or whatever you think they’re useful for, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share our personal opinions about these apps in this forum.