With the recent announcement that @dom made its pretty safe to assume that the launch window is going to be pushed back. Has anyone thought about starting with things like Oevo or Cheez? and Maybe port your content over to v2 when it launches?

Have any of you tried apps like oevo or cheez? If so how was your experience?


I’ve had some experience with both. Cheez seems to be more like musical.ly and trivia based rather than a v2. Oevo is more similar to vne and gives creators money daily. Oevo also has a lot of iconic vners on it. Cheez just doesn’t seem like a content creator community or an app that is just for videos it’s more like a gimmick where they’re adding trivia and games. On the other hand Oevo has lots of potential and is updating very regularly and is adding more competitions. Over the past few weeks Oevo has gotten a lot faster, more user friendly and added a $5000 competition whereas Cheez has added “games” to their feature list.

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I think Oevo is going down in the rankings

Is it bad that I haven’t heard of either of these?

Never heard of Cheez, but I’ve tried oevo and I wasn’t impressed. The fact that they have to pay people to use the app says it all really.


I actually have an account on cheez, I think I made it last year but I’m waiting on v2.

OEVO doesn’t have any actually iconic viners. There’s J Cyrus, that old guy and Brandon Cavillo and that’s not enough to grow a fan base based off of the old vine. Plus it’s pretty obvious to tell that they’re only on it to get paid and not putting in any actual work or creativity


love the comparison. I like the oevo money part.

OEVO is a terrible app, it’s buggy, slow, and crashes frequently, even the latest update they released isn’t much better. All they did was attempt to create an exact replica of Vine, but they failed. Even if the app worked well, the interface is horrible and ugly.

But even worse is that there are so few people actually using the app. They obviously paid a bunch of former, popular Viners to create content, and even though these former Viners are auto-followed by every new OEVO account, their videos are lucky to get 200 likes. Even in the very early days of Vine, the popular vines would get thousands of likes within a few minutes, and there were a bunch of new vines being created every second. Not the case at all on OEVO.

Ouch! Hey, give us old people a break. Some of us are young at heart. :heart:


you hate on it but i see you commenting on the app and using it… if your posting on the app and using it then i dont get how its so bad.

buggy it is but 3 weeks ago it was worse so im pretty sure they are updating alot. nothing comes out perfect.
i dont expect v2 to be perfect. people will use it even if its buggy like people always do with any app. just like how you are.

so far to post videos its great and it has potential so im gonna keep on it.

Yes, I’ve tried the app out which is why I know it’s so bad and buggy. I’ve only posted a few comments, that’s it. Tried to upload a video and it crashed.

And sorry, but the activity of people actually creating new content on that app is very low, both in quantity and quality. Even the former Viners are making crappy videos, because they probably know few people are going to even see them and they just want to get paid.

But there’s no point in arguing with you, as I see you all over this forum constantly defending that app, so I’m pretty sure you’re either being paid to promote that app or you are affiliated with the app creators in some way. Your bias is pretty obvious.


It seems that whenever you post anything on the forums it’s related to oevo basically advertising it.


I like it better than other apps and ive been waiting for v2 for the longest time.

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I don’t care what yall think but at least Cheez and Oevo are out and we have something to use. Vne had very similar problems when it first started too and for an entire year before it really blew up. So we can keep bashing other apps like cheez or start using them and see what things they are doing well. Both Cheez and Oevo are paying former viners to promote their own apps… its called marketing. We can cry about their success and hate on them or learn and grow an audience on apps that are out and whenever v2 comes out move our audience like others did from vne to youtube.


Anyone can use any app they want, for sure. Dom said so himself.


I think many on the v2 forum are tired of hearing about oevo, an app that goes out of their way to literally tell people they are V2 or to wrongfully tell people V2 is never going to happen. They are no different than the actual fake V2 in the app stores.

It’s fine if anyone wants to use those apps, sure, but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend we don’t understand why people don’t support it, especially on the v2 forums


The Vine app was much better than that OEVO app when it first launched. Yes it had it’s problems and bugs, but it was a much better-designed interface and the video looping was smooth. It didn’t take a whole year for Vine to take off. It launched in January 2013 and by mid 2013 it had already gained a lot of popularity and had millions of users. And that’s before anyone even knew how a platform based on 6-second looping videos would work. And they didn’t have to pay people to use it or make content, it happened organically.


I used Vne when it first started and was really glitchy and buggy but i gotta agree that the design was clean. The main reason it gained so much popularity was not because it grew organically but because it was bought by twitter before it launched and they pushed it on twitter A LOT by making vne videos trend etc… My main point is not to argue about if vne was good or bad or even much better than apps out there because its dead and at the end of the day it was not self sustaining and left many creators without a platform. All i’m saying is that we have some apps on the market that we should use and learn from. Its free practice until v2 comes out.

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Don’t use those, that could harm the potential future for v2

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Can you tell me what the future you see for v2 at the moment? we were looking forward for beta now for a launch in summer like he said. but so far nothing. while we wait competitors like cheez and oevo are taking over…

@TomWho even if you dont like it or even if the apps are ugly in your stand point…people are still using it…
you can only hurt v2 if it actually exsisted. but it doesnt… right now we would just be hurting ourselves but sitting on our ass and not using the other apps to grow an audience and work on our talent…

im no oevo guy or cheez guy, just want to become famous on the apps available… and i think thats all of us.

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well said, i tbh agree with trying to make it on every app. as i do not really see the harm hehe tho oevo has its ups and downs

thier ranking increased from #59 to #31 as of this post