Oddest comment you've ever received?

Byte so far has been an extremely supportive community where everyone wants to see everyone else do well. However we will get the negative comment here and there. Though this topic is more about comments that came so out of left field you didn’t even know how to process it, which could be either positive or negative. It may not even be on Byte, but from a past platform.

For me, one of the few viral vines I had attracted a lot of negativity. People were saying things like “this is the worst vine I’ve ever seen” and stuff like that (I thought it was decent, but whatevs :woman_shrugging:). Though one really stuck out to me, which said “You’re asian but you’re so selfish :confused:” Like, I didn’t even know how to begin breaking that comment down LOL.


If you have no haters then you’re not popping, my haters give me energy :triumph:

I don’t like to pay attention to the negatives :sweat_smile:


We get a bunch on negative comments on Other platforms - we always reply “thanks for your comment - we appreciate you :gift_heart:” and 9 out of 10 times they replied back sorry for being rude or just joking - to me, I encourage any feedbacks, positive or negative, cause the system counts it as an engagement :blush: Hope that puts a fresh perspective on any type of comments, Henry


I love you you just say “thanks for your comment - we appreciate you” that’s awesome


It breaks down barrier - that kindness works :blush:


“follw for follow”


I feel like channels with minors or children involved can definitely attract more negativity and skepticism the more popular they become. I know that I personally place more initial skepticism on a channel with a child involved because I’ve seen plenty of times children being exploited by selfish parents for fame and manipulate their kids into doing it. That has nothing to do with who y’all actually are as people and how genuine you really are, I just approach my judgement a little slower because I’ve seen it before and it’s sad that some parents do that. I definitely believe y’all are genuine though! (And im sure everyone who pays attention comes to that conclusion too). I’m sure you may already be aware that some people might be more skeptical at first. I, however, would never post weird or hateful comments because that’s not productive. Sad that some people are so immature they feel the need to make negative comments :confused: but responding with positivity is awesome​:slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t gotten any comments too weird and not any negative or hateful ones and I hope if I grow on byte that doesn’t start to happen. But if it does I’ll just respond: “:blush:have a nice day sweetheart​:kissing_heart:” lol


Someone commented “oh that’s you singing” on one of my Bytes. I wasn’t sure how they meant it but I chose to look at it from the perspective that for a moment they mistook me for Jodi Benson and thought the real Ariel was singing, which allowed me to be euphoric rather rhan confused or second guessing myself.


This one guy said he’s only on the app so he can “bully people.”

On my video he said:

“Steve Jobs dressin’, Lil’ Peep lookin’, Amy Schumer comedy motherf**ker!”

Honestly, one of the funniest roasts I’ve ever gotten lol


Lmao if I got that comment it would be my Twitter header​:joy::joy:


LOL dang you’re right, I might have to make that my header! I mean honestly, look at my profile picture? He nailed it haha


“Omg ur so sexy and amazing and funny and tall and handsome and rich and hot and funny and the next president and ur so cool I wish I was you omg ur bae, here is a million dollars”

I’ve gotten more that are similar but this takes the cake

[quote=“BrendanCescon, post:10, topic:50876”]
Steve Jobs dressin’, Lil’ Peep lookin’, Amy Schumer comedy motherf**ker!”
[/quote] i think Amy is funny so… :woman_shrugging:

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I’ve had like a LOT, but i’ll look through youtube and pick out the best.


I got a bunch from when some videos kinda went viral on twitter, so i can look back and find those if you want lmao

our tree pun war didnt count as weird ? lmao

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:joy:I know lmao when I read “weird” I was like…weird to others or to me? because like 80% of my comment interactions are weird af because I think it’s funny​:sweat_smile:


nodding yes

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I do too tbh, I used to watch her show all the time :joy:

I got “why does she look 18 and 58 at the same time?” That one hurt, not gonna lie lol