Observation/Advice about recent byte ‘drama’ and generation gap

I’m not going to get into specifics I’m just going to put out my observations and sprinkle it with a little advice so please do not put my head on a pole.

I’m not going to defend the behavior or words of certain users. But one thing I have noticed that as soon as an individual says/does something that you guys don’t like. There are five, 10, 15, 20 or more bytes popping up in the latest feed targeting that person. While I don’t want to invalidate your frustrations, that kind of mob mentality is very dangerous and unhealthy for an online community (any community tbh). Tagging Dom multiple times in comments, etc. is no bueno ESPECIALLY since he and the byte team have (much to the chagrin of many veterans of the app) given you pretty much every feature you requested on a silver platter.

While I respect your desire for social justice and believe you should speak out and be an advocate the potency of your message is lost when you dog pile on people and browbeat folks. Furthermore, there is no shortage of vile and problematic folks in the world, you are going to burn yourself out going so hard on Zero McNobody from Nowheresvill, USA who posts some dumb shit on byte. If they haven’t learned their lesson by the time they are in the 30s or 40s they are never going to learn it (but who knows) and when a younger person tries to educate them they are likely going to feel threatened. Maybe funnel some of that energy into making more creative/expressive/informative content.If someone is targeting you DIRECTLY, report them. If someone is going on a generalized rant, maybe ignore and or block them and go about your day. Hold your friends accountable when they engage in this kind of hive minded harassment. Also, it’s not a bad idea to look inwardly, examine your behaviors, and engage in a little introspection if you identify with a generalized criticism. That’s what I try to do anyway. I want you guys to feel safe here and I am not sure engaging in some of this behavior is the best way to maintain that.

I feel like a lot of what has been going on lately it’s just a ripple effect/extension of the initial wave of negativity in July. Nothing was ever solved/resolved after that. I’m not sure “agreeing to disagree“ is an effective solution. What I do know is the world is on fire. We are looking down the barrel of, at best, four more years of an authoritarian regime or at worst a full-blown Civil War. I feel like byte should be a respite from that stuff, not an extension of it. Unfortunately for more reasons than I stated above I am finding it increasingly difficult to recommend this app to folks as I am also finding it increasingly difficult to spend my time on byte. Which makes me really sad, because I have been here since day one and I really believe(d) in it.

But what do I know? Who am I? Like Tony Tomahawk said about us all back in the day: I’m just another asshole with an iPhone.


Also, not to sound too one-sided but there are a lot of adults who should know better acting pretty shitty, and everything I said above applies to them as well. I just take for granted that they SHOULD have learned it by now.


My being shitty days are done and I’ve learned my lessons.


I absolutely agree! If there is an issue with a Byte, just use the report feature in the app or email the Byte team. Tagging Dom 3000 times is not going to help one bit…


:100: damn. I miss Tony.

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He was the greatest

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