Number of accounts created

I was thinking about this, in the first hour that the app comes out, how many accounts do you think are going to be created?

1M+ easily, can’t wait to see!


21 12 characters


Just one more


This also means that we have to be quick if we want to get exposure AND I honestly think the server will crash

it depends on pre release exposure.

i just hope i get my name

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I wouldn’t worry too much. I don’t think that we’ll only have one shot to get noticed lol

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Yeah I mean.
If people who have a big following send their fans you won’t really be recognized easily

That’s assuming that the app will only be featuring big followings. Which Dom isn’t going to have happen to this app. He said there will be ways it’ll be a more even playing field

Yeah but if you already have a large following, more people are going to follow
I’m not talking about the trending page

That’s going to happen regardless of how fast you upload. If you’re looking at this app as a five second shot to get famous, you’re looking at it wrong.

Lol that’s not what I’m saying.
I’m just saying that some people already have a big adventage

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