I couldn’t find anything on this already, but what if on V2 there was an option for users to get a notification when someone posts. Like how Twitter and Instagram send notifications out if you turn someone’s notifications on? So like on V2 if you follow me and want to see what I post almost exactly after I post it, you can get a notification which will direct you to it?

I know I said notification a lot, but besides that, do you guys know what I’m trying to say?


This is something that it must have been thought of already. Every app has this option now so I’m pretty sure we’re going to have it as well.

Post notifications eeey

I like that idea, i use it a lot on Twitter and Instagram

This was implemented on vine 1

I want to bump this!!!

This will be incredibly helpful to stay on top of our fav creators that post.

Maybe a toggle to be notified when certain creators post?

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