Notifications for the forums?

Is there a way to receive push notifications for these forums? I don’t mind checking my browser every now and again, however if there is a hack to this I would love to know.

Thanks for ~your help~


There’s a way to turn them on in the settings on desktop, but I’m not sure about mobile.

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Ah okay I haven’t been on desktop. I’ll try it out. Thank you!

I hope that @Dom would make it to where there could be Notifications for the forum. But, with it being on browser I’m not sure if it is possible on mobile.

you can turn on email notifications from your user preferences. it looks like the Discourse mobile app might support them, too


You can get desktop notifications if you use a computer a lot like me

they sorta do, sorta don’t; i use the app and it unfortunately doesn’t do push notifications but sometimes the app badge notif pops up

The notifications go straight to the email, well in some posts ( im talking from my experience ) :slight_smile:


I have previously seen them there BUT not all the time.

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Exactly is like for some post not for every move

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are you “tracking” the posts?


I believe so, just the ones I want to keep updated though. I am just worried about any important information that will be posted and I will have no idea about it.

I’m “watching” not tracking, sorry.

yeah. it looks like watching gives you the badge, and tracking should send pushes/emails? it could be a bug with the software though.


Check settings if you are on Desktop. Really helpful :))

any idea on how to turn on “like” push notifs?

Not sure, I’ll test it out and get back to you.

I just checked the emails I’ve been receiving and, it looks like they email you when others post on the topics you create. (You meaning the topic creator)

check your email preferences as well


Yeah I just started getting email notifs today. It’s probably a bug but I’m not too concerned. I check regularly as it is.