Notifications Alert on App

Hello so I’m new to Byte and I just wanted to know something about the notifications. When I get a notification on other apps, there will be a red circle with a number on the notification bit… to show how many notifications I’ve gotten… in app.

However, for Byte that doesn’t seem to be the case (well for me, anyway)… so can y’all tell me if you experienced this or… if you think there should be that notification red circle thing…

Just in case you still don’t understand:

Edit: sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong channel, still trying to find my way around these forums :confused:


I experience this a lot and sometimes I forget when I have notifications. Hopefully in a future update byte adds some sort of notification symbol


i hope we’ll also be able to choose to only get certain notifications from the app


I changed this topic from general to ideas and feature requests for you since you’re still learning the ropes lol

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