Notch display

I’m currently using a phone that has a notch and notice the byte playing gets cut off a little on the top, a minor change can be made to shift it a little lower so the notch doesn’t interfere with the byte playing.

Nevermind I just went through a few bytes and it’s not as bad but I think it would be cool if there was a hide notch option(I know there’s usually that options on notch phones but some apps work nice with a notch)


On iPhone X and above it’s not like that. It’s perfect for iphone notch


I’m on the Xr and the notch does not affect any of the bytes. A video should be just below the notch actually.


this may be a bug. i will advise to report it (including images and device model etc) on #bug-reports.


seems to be a bug or something like that, atleast for me, the byte above just is covered by the notch but not the currently watched byte

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