Not many hate comments on byte

I haven’t seen any hate since the app launched. I kinda miss arguing with people in the comments for fun (I don’t cause them) but I’d join in there of something annoys me that they said.

I think we need more trolls like more trolls


I hope this satisfies your thirst for more Trolls :relieved:


Those trolls used to scare the shite out of me as a kid :joy:

Idk what cave you’ve been hiding in

Man, you’re lucky. Unfortunately I’ve seen and witnessed a fair amount of hate around here. There’s not a TON but its definitely around.


I usually get 1 hate comment per post :rofl:


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LOL snapseed. That hot guy

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super hot and super single

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honestly we need more hate. lol that’s the problem…this community is too perfect.
we need more HEALTHY competition on the app. We need more trolling and it not be super insulting.
Me and my best friends talk shit about each other BUT it comes from a place of love.

being honest and candid with each other will help this app grow. #bytefam


I think the term that you guys are looking for is “constructive criticism” and not “hate” or “trolls”. This community is not perfect and there has already been a whole bunch of dumb drama in the past so having more trolls wouldn’t help at all. I can’t tell if this is a troll post in of itself or not, but I can say with assurance that trolls would make people NOT want to join the app. That was the biggest problem during the first week or so of the public release and a lot of people didn’t use the app because of the amount of hate they got. What we need to do is keep uplifting each other or not and just say nothing, but we shouldn’t degrade each other’s bytes just for the sole purpose of balancing the positive and negative comments on the app.


Thats good! I thought the same thing but then this guy who worked at chuck e cheese who was actually a creep started making fun of the way I looked. He was dealt with but he just came back and started making more racial content.

As a child I was afraid of these trolls :see_no_evil:


Okaaaaay ghandi. I actually agree with what Ur saying but trolls can also be funny

They’ll be back. They always come back…

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My daddy @Alexjakobz once told me that hate is what drives me to s- uh to suck it up and carry on… it will motivate you

lmao you miss the arguing? damn yall are gonna make this community hard to deal with :rofl:

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