Not going past 8 seconds videos

A lot of people coming over from TikTok want (sorta demanding) that the byte team add 60 seconds videos. Personally I don’t believe longer videos are better. I like the time constraints because it forces you to be more creative on how you create the video. I hope they stick with the shorter times.

What are you guy’s thoughts on this.


I think the option should be there for 60s. Sometimes it’s just about spreading information and people need more than 8 secs for a story time
The distribution of knowledge was an important part of tiktok. It should be everywhere


@Oneori I don’t know if byte is trying to fit in that category, yes it would be better to have longer times for something like that but I don’t think that’s what byte is for.


I hope they don’t go over 8seconds. If they want longer videos, they should just stick to TikTok or Snapchat.

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I mean if you don’t want to shoot more than 8 seconds don’t but I would bet there’s a pretty large audience that’s going to push for it regardless if that’s what this app is for. The content looks like it’s already shifted

Are we not on 16 seconds lmao???


u right 16*


the max is 10s? bruh i uploaded like a 20 second vid the other day

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@ConvincingHorse could be I cannot check because it’s broken on iOS 14. But still 16 seconds is not 60 seconds. If people want longer I think 16 seconds should be the max (if it is that right now).

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w.e it is it’s less than a min rn

yeah ik

I can’t even be funny for 16 seconds let alone 60 :cry:


@ConvincingHorse yea I personally believe anything past 8-10 seconds is not really good but if people really really want something long the last i think should be 16.

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I want the limit to stay at 16 seconds. Otherwise Byte will become just another TikTok clone. And I don’t want it to be a sequel to TikTok either.


@interspazia my thoughts exactly. Personally not a big fan of TikTok at all (not about the company or what there accused of) but the content that’s on it. And a lot of it is because the content is so long and not really entertaining

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As always, just an opinion.

I think the move is to go 64 seconds or whatever (because it enables more content). I believe that the majority of the world has moved on from short 6 - 8 - 10 second bits of content (which is ironic considering everyones talking about the decreasingly short attention spans). Sometimes in business, we have to align with world trends because they are market drivers, and I think this is one of those times.

With that being said, I think the compromise is to have a channel dedicated to and locked down for 8 seconds or something. Like /16secondsorless or something like that. Similar to how /alt has their own thing.


wait alt has their own channel?

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i always put my alt content in /trash bcs its gabage


Anything longer than 16 seconds and this might as well turn into youtube mobile or an Instagram TV knockoff. Keeping video times short encourages creativity

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