Not a specific beta but one beta apk for androids. 🌟

Hey guys!
Just wanted your views on the fact that -
If there was only one apk type for android (byte)
Wouldnt it be more easier for all android users on the forums.
Since in ios some apps work depending on the version of ios, whereas in android mostly all apps work for all androids (mostly )
What are your views ?

iphone > android

no tea no shade

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tea and shade motorola are better than both

Motorola IS an Android.

Still there are HUNDREDS of different Android devices whereas only a handful of Apple devices.

So compatibility will depend on different Android phones as well. This explains why Apps are shittier on Android cus it takes extra effort to perfect

:angry: Motorola best phone

samsung galaxy’s r sik

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But like

dom doesn’t have an android

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theres going to be a ios and an android version, not 15 types for androids