Nostalgic vidya games: 2000s era

Welcome to this topic about vidya games from the 2000s. Mostly its to those who were raised with games that were on the Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, PC or whatever really lol (Wii, 360, DS, PS3, video games consoles and portable game consoles are welcomed)

Anyways…If anyone had a Gamecube back then, and saw this game at Gamestop, what were your honest opinions about this game? Had this since 2004, and loved playing this game a lot as a kid. It was actually pretty fun.

Any other video games you’d like to talk about is welcome as well.


i’m tryna think of games i played as a kid :eye::eye:

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i had a nintendo ds and i played so much mario kart on it. also pokémon but i don’t remember what version.

i had played those two games sooooo much…

also my brothers had a PS2/3 ??? something, and i watched them play assassins creed and other games all the time. also watched them play games on their pc all the time, but they rarely let me play.

i love me some pikmin

I really loved playing GameCube when I was younger. Some of my favorite games were Windwaker, Super Smash Melee, OG Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime

Never played Pikmin 2, but Pikmin 1 was a lot of fun too

Lego Star Wars

I was a giant dance dance revolution lady ps2. Ps2 was my go to and wii like super monkey ball. Nintendo 64 was Pokémon stadium 2 the mini games I played almost every day and the actual game but those mini games