/nosound or /silent

Sometimes I scroll through byte in situations where I don’t want to / can’t have the audio playing out loud. I would love to have a category dedicated to bytes with no audio so I could still browse byte without missing out on anything.


You’re an animal


*dairy product


I like this and actually have the same situation sometimes. Plus, I think there could be some uniquely creative content come out of this when people do not rely on the same sounds everyone uses.


i want this omg

it would be really nice for ambience and just wanting to chill out, like total calm, and if you don’t want to go to r/soothing which is mainly vibes more than tranquility

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You’d miss all the bytes with sound though.

:thinking: but I’m asking for a channel specifically for bytes with no sound.
I want to hear bytes with sound most of the time. I’m a musician. Just not all the time

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Ohhhh I just understood what you meant by not missing out! Because there would be no audio sure sure with ya now :sweat_smile:

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I was thinking, errr just turn you phone down maybe :rofl:

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I would also like this.

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I like this idea.

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This would be a VIBE for our hearing impaired friends too


Big yes

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animal byproduct*

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But how would he know what the tiktok kids are poorly lip syncing to??

Would be needed to be moderated quite well, I could see someone trying to troll the channel with ear bleeding deep fried memes sort of sounds.

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Or it could be programmed to where the videos that are submitted to the category are stripped of audio or have the audio replaced programmatically.


He’s missing out dammit!