No to Beyond The V***

I really hope beyond the vine or similar things will NOT be implemented. It’s a bad idea and I personally dont think it should be there. I think vine is great JUST as a 6 second platform. There’s a lot of beauty in that short amount of time and the whole point of it is the ‘loop’. What made me most angry about Beyond the vine is that only certain people were able to get it. It felt unfair and wrong. Honestly screw instagram and snapchat. They have nothing on the beauty of the 6 seconds and the community it’s created and I dont think we should conform to that just because a bigger dog is doing longer videos.

Let me know your opinions and what you thought about BTV.
God bless


I say stick to 6 seconds for now and if there’s a time where evolution within the app needs to take place with videos in order to keep up with the competition, the community should be able to vote on it.

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I mean when they extended the video length the first time it wasn’t successful. I say they stick to their guns. I do agree with the community voting. I think Vine should find a way to make the community more involved. Competition has pretty much already surpassed them, at this point creating Vine again is gonna be a gamble so i think it’s important for them to stick with what they got. Maybe allowing all creators longer videos would be great but the fact that it was only certain creators didnt really help them.

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Make sure to use V2 :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t want an legal actions to take place on the app. I always loved the 6 seconds anyways. It had a charm to it. I do agree with it not working on Vine, when I was on it I BARELY seen any creator use it.