No, the 'Beta will be released in four hours' tweet isn't real

Basically just making this to say that this tweet ( ) is fake and it is extremely unlikely that the beta will be released in 4 hours, mainly because this isn’t from the official V2 twitter account ( @v2app ).

Thanks @64angelwolf for posting about this, because it’s very important that people don’t get confused. Considering the number of likes this has as well, it is quite concerning at this point that people are still following it as if it’s the legit account and I think we should probably all try our best to report these guys!

I also made a list of fake V2 twitter accounts here ( Report all fake v2 twitter accounts ).

Sorry for the excessive number of links in this, but it is important that people don’t get misguided ._.


Thank you! If only more people would join the forums and not get surprised by “fake news”


Quite honestly a very strange way to ring in V2. Almost seems like a social experiment. :no_mouth: