No shade for the newbies.... but

Is it just me or some vids have abnormally high likes in recent vids…?


Considering byte jumped from ~185 to #3 on social networking in one day?
I’d say that there are a lot of newbies following their favorite TT over.

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What the flip is an “alt”? Is there something I’m not seeing here?


from what I gather, alt tiktok are the kids who don’t usually feel confident enough to post over there so are just trying to find a safe space on byte before their friends catch on. they’re looking for community. also there’s been some mention about not telling “straight tiktok” about byte so I guess they’re kind of the underdogs of tiktok. it’s sweet, they’re just kids.


Hmm seems a a few vids are abnormally high it doesn’t add up… and these are from tiktokers with no followers

if i say anything wrong, correct me.

straight tiktok is like the thirst traps, dancing, and all that mainstream stuff.
alt tiktok is kinda like more weirder stuff, you can just look up #alttiktok on TT, and it’s quite similar to the stuff they’re posting here.

alt TT don’t seem to like straight TT that much.

I guess a whole bunch of alt TT people just decided to come over. And they’re really supportive of each other within their community. they show lots of love within the alt community.


These kids not wanting normies… ain’t gonna like that it’s an equal opportunity app

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Still doesn’t explain 5k likes in 5 hrs

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And the loops are lower than a 5k vid should normally be

like i said, they’re looking for community. think of it like high school. even if they had no followers on tiktok, anything tiktok related right now is getting all their support so that they don’t feel so out of place. they’re like the unpopular kids who are trying to find a safe place to be themselves and who don’t want the popular kids coming over and ruining things. which is why we have to make them feel welcome.

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So many kids staring at the camera with text… I’m too old to understand any of this

I’m too young and I still don’t understand any of that

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for them, tiktok has become their main social media. every kid is on it. they’re used to a messaging feature, talking to each other in the comments, going “live” etc. i’m not on tiktok and i don’t understand it but I also recognise tiktok isn’t for me. and byte isn’t really a social network, which they don’t get yet so that’s why they’re confused and just doing videos with text or uploading their tiktoks. they’re just trying to figure it out, and either they’ll adjust or they’ll get bored and leave. it’s all fairly harmless, there’s no need to worry about it now.


It’s their group establishing themselves. I’m okay with that, but I’m not okay with the generational tribalism. I get wanting to build your own subculture, but alot of this seems forced.


I was wondering what Atltiktok was lol I’ve been getting some strange comments on some of my posts :rofl: I kind of like this weird crowd.


I thought the real alt tiktok was the meth heads

Tiktok has much more videos and a more complex algorithm. Alt Tiktok is the slightly weirder, humor or trash based content compared to the straight dances and lip syncing.