No regional leaderboards

I think that it wouldn’t be beneficial for people who are from small cities. Regional leaderboards should stick to
What do y’all think about this?

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I kinda like the ides

It might be like…

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Australia

It would be easier for smaller creators to reach a TOP in a leaderboard.

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Sorry but I quite like the idea. It’ll be continents or countries though (maybe states) so it’s give people more of a chance

For me that iam in a city from Argentina, i will the only one on the regional/country leadeboard

Cool, but they can have too a leaderboard in their respective countries

I like your idea.

Hmm… well it has been proven that regional trending pages and leaderboards do help popularise people in certain areas rather than creating an awkward scatter. let’s see tho

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So similar to this?

I personally think regional leaderboards would be beneficial. Otherwise, smaller creators from every country bar the US will undoubtedly get swamped beneath the larger, English speaking creators.

Now Byte was released this year and many users got back with lots of following due to popular demand, world leaderboards might happen longer after several updates.