No one has this username so why can't I use it?

I’m so curious how people got short usernames on Byte like @jess or @tyler etc…When I search the username I want on byte, it doesn’t have a profile associated with it…but when I try to make it my username I get a “That username is in use. Please choose another” error…anyone have any idea?

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Ps - Sorry, this is my first time creating a topic so my bad if I’ve done something incorrectly, please provide any constructive criticism that you have!


Clarification about the first part: some people had early/beta access before the app got public so they had the chance to get their first names as their usernames.

About your concern, I honestly have no idea why is that so. If you didn’t find any account with that username, you should be just fine. But given that you cannot make changes because the username is “in use”, I tried to find it myself but I couldn’t find any as well (assuming that you wanted it to be similar to your forums name.


Most people with short usernames have been part of byte since the beta program! There were only a handful of people in the program so many usernames were available.


a very tiny number of usernames were reserved for our friends and a few (like less than 5) may have not been taken. “sam” is one that comes to mind


The early access makes sense. And thank you for trying to check for me, that’s so sweet! You’re right that I wanted the same thing as my forum username - “verena” …glad it’s not just me not finding that profile…

Thanks for the response! “verena” is what I wanted and I thought it’s a pretty uncommon name but that must have been one of the few ‘reserved’ ones I guess then?

Haha! Nice! You really did join the forum :rofl:

Welcome, my friend!

The people that have shorter names have been using the app in beta for a while, so they were able to pick it then.

People who came after were still able to get some good names as well. One thing about some usernames could be that they are reserved, but there is also the chance that someone took the name at first and deactivated their account, so you wont find it in searches, but it still “exists” (or thats how I think it works, dom can correct me if im wrong)

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Thank you for inviting me to do so!! (:

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Ahhhh I seee. Understood, thanks for the details

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