No Numbers Mode

Before I say anything I know some people won’t like this idea for a multitude of reasons, but just hear it out, and remember it wouldn’t be forced on you :slight_smile:

I personally hate numbers on the app. All of them. I don’t like seeing how many likes a byte of mine has, I don’t even really want to know how many followers I have. This is why I think byte should have a setting to remove all numbers from your display. Note, not to hide your numbers from other people, just from yourself.

A lot of people will always compare their content right now to their content on the days after release, which have wildly inflated numbers, and it can be disheartening for content to not get the numbers they expect it to. So in a sense it’s not even about comparing numbers to other people, but also to yourself.

Not sure if this is even realistically possible, but I don’t see a reason why not.

ps please don’t reply to this just saying you like knowing how your bytes do, that’s completely fine but it’s completely irrelevant to the reasoning for this idea!


ZEN MODE. We were gonna ship this is an experimental surprise!


Would hiding other peoples numbers also be part of this, or i guess a subpart
cause maybe some people want to see their own numbers but not others, others numbers but not their own, or none at all


Any idea of uhhhhhh, when™️? Far down the line or?


I’m for this — honestly. I’ve noticed many creators are obsessed with the #s and whether or not if the video flopped. Count me in for support of this :rocket::clap:t4:


Zen mode would be soooo good!!

I like this

I like this idea

hello hi um zen mode icon please


Wow imagine you have to be using zen mode to use this icon lol


Omg I LOVE this. It’s hard to look past numbers, even when I try so hard not to care about how things do.
That’s why I LOVE not having a public follow/following count. It’s nice to organically enjoy creators instead of getting caught up in the numbers of everything.


I think a lot of people don’t realise how much numbers influence our decisions, subconsciously we’re more inclined to like posts with more likes, simply because we see it as more commonly liked, and therefore more acceptable. Numbers change EVERYTHING in social media, haven’t seen one without numbers in a really long time, but it’s a concept I’ll welcome


I’m for this
honestly. I’ve noticed many creators are obsessed with numbers . Count me in for support of this :robot::robot:


I am definitely for this idea!


I agree with the concept, but in my opinion, one should be able to turn this feature on and off to their liking.


just please when drop , make optional, some of us use numbers to keep pushing . thx !


Zen mode turns off numbers YAY. So I turned it on. But it hides captions which are sometimes integral or a large factor in jokes on byte AW. I would love to hide the numbers but keep the captions.


I agree

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This is a great idea Cark! I mean tbh creators get caught up in the numbers too much and it would be cool for creators to not be distracted by the numbers but focused on their content. You would probably see more concentration from those who stop focusing on just analytics alone.

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Numbers are good to track metrics on ur content and too see what content works better for the community - but that’s me - and if Zen mods works for u, then to each his own - however, I like to have zen mode for my weight scale from Thanksgiving till New Years - don’t be needing to see those “numbers” :joy: