No MESSAGEing option instead***

Yes, if every artist has his own fan group were he can respond to anyone in that group that would be interesting.
It could be similar to Whatsapp group and that will be created by the artist himself if needed, if he/she doesn’t want to create that will be there own choice., and if created

  • Artist is the admin
  • Anyone who follows the artist can join(There will be multiple options for joining like Anyone can join, Request and Join, Private Group )
  • If Artist have any polling or voting anything to announce he can leave a message
  • Artist can block the followers from the group but they still will be followers unless the follower dosn’t unfollow from that artist
    *They can have multiple group were in other they can keep Request and join were the other Artists can have a group and collab or discuss


  • This help in active participation of artist and followers
    *This will help in avoiding message trafficking and also will be a simplified means of communication
    *Followers will not be left behind

V2 you decide if you want to monitor the chat group or keep it private

@dom what do think? :relaxed: @jennifer @ItsMeJoseGChacin @azadei @michael @Ashutosh_Aryal @TomWho @Logic @ankur @MattFogarty


I also think that Dom and the crew should have access to the fan group


this is cool pal

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thats also good
dont you think we should also have some private conversation… just saying…

I wish this applies its Very important to communicate with the viewers

This is the main reason i faced so only as an artist i am suggesting it… bro

bro in the sense bro, friend

why no one responding is it nit not useful?

Yep private conversations as well definitely but I like the ideas

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yaaa thats also needed

I like the idea of starting a chat with an artist and their respective fans.

This would also be a great place to implement a live feature, similar to Instagram’s live.


Ya interaction will be strong i wish it comes first in v2 and later applies everywere coz v2 need new ideas

that ideas nice it would help a lot in near future and help in many ways possible in collaborating too and most importantly it will keep everyone close. in my opinion what do you guys think?

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Thanks Bro

np bro appreciate it

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but what happens if some people in your group are becoming mean and faking being your followers just to be mean in the group chat?

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Artist has an option to kick them out of the group but they will still be artist’s followers

But why would you want a live feature ? I think vine doesn’t have a place in this domain

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Personally I don’t really care if there is or isn’t a live feature on V2. I’d rarely use it either way. I just know there’s multiple people on this forum that would like a live feature.

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Well, the thing is that there are a lot of platform’s already how as this feature, maybe it’s time to find something new

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