No Follower/Following Count displayed publicly

Hey guys,
This idea has been swimming in my mind for some time now. Would love to hear your thoughts and the pros/cons you can generate.

No Follower/Following Count displayed

No ‘followers’ or ‘following’ would be displayed publicly, it would be in the backend of the account hidden from the public. I think that this could be really interesting, I’m not saying not to incorporate any metric whatsoever of popularity, I think that is very important. However, what if we measured success based on the level of engagement with the merit of each individual post, as opposed to a single account becoming ‘successful’ simply because it has a large follower count which automatically makes people more likely to follow. A popular posts page would have utility in ensuring users are given exposure for popular posts.
Individual posts could still have a like/dislike bar demonstrating how popular they are. Additionally, the choice to display ‘similar creators’ or ‘popular creators’ like youtube could be an alternative to individuals having a list of people they exclusively follow (enabling the ability for collaboration/cross-promotion between creators). Inevitably certain users will always become the most followed or most popular, however do we need a quantitative measure displayed to the public for the user to be considered ‘successful’ ?


  • Eliminates single accounts becoming automatically popular based on the number of followers displayed
  • Promotes the need for users to focus on engagement rather than follower metrics
  • Allows users to focus on content rather than ‘status’ of their account, promoting quality content
  • Prosocial in nature and promotes a positive community
  • If someone chooses to subscribe/follow it is a decision made based upon whether you truly like the user’s content (engagement)
  • Eliminates ease for bots/fake followers to follow users who have recently followed a popular account


  • Completely different/novel to most successful social media platforms (risk)
  • Need some other metric of popularity/engagement to indicate account is successful
  • May not be as appealing for companies/social media marketing
  • Is the point of social media to see who other people are following? (not sure)
  • People may have no interest in this concept whatsoever

Would love to know your thoughts!


interesting i never thought of this… but i doubt it’ll happen now bcs people are literally addicted to numbers, but maybe sometime in the future this will be a healthier alternative


In terms of the like/dislike bar, i think dislikes shouldn’t be a part of this platform. The dislike feature is useful on youtube where it represents how good/bad the video is (in most cases), but on byte, I feel like people will just dislike if they don’t find something funny/entertaining/etc, but it could be entertaining to others

The reason I wouldn’t personally hide the follower count is because social media is all about numbers. Your idea of hiding it and using engagement instead is much better, buts (as you mentioned) is a risk, especially to a new platform that everyone is keeping their eyes on.


Yep most definitely! The dislike bar idea was simply just to state some alternatives but isn’t exhaustive.
I know it is a complete risk, I guess I’m just bringing into question is:
What is the actual purpose of showing how many people follow us?
Is there other ways of signalling success without a numerical representation?
Could this simply be a graphic/symbolic representation such as symbols or some other type of alternative?

Thanks for engaging in the post. Would love to hear people’s thoughts.


i am definitely going to use this feature because i dont like how follower/view count is such a big deal nowadays (coming from someone in highschool)

i think it’s a good feature that will be used by a lot of people


the reduced emphasis on follower counts is a great way to reduce the popularity complex that makes a lot of social media platforms toxic. instagram was actually experimenting with this, and it looks nice. though it’s not hidden, its size was reduced and the profile pic and bio are emphasized more.


dom shared this photo back in november



Hey @ShonziTho I hadn’t seen this, awesome to see the concept is already floating around!
I kind of think its one of those decisions that should be all or nothing so that all users are in the same boat. Furthermore, there’s the likelihood of the most followed users opting to display their follower count which will then perpetuate the cycle we already see. What are your thoughts?


tbh i like the idea of being able to see everyone’s follower/following count. but maybe able to turn it off when feel they need to.

i think when some people get to a certain amount of followers they’re happy with, they’ll let it show… some ppl are private like that i guess


I’m going to print that and hang it on my wall.

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I thought this was unproductive but now reading it as a whole it actually makes sense but idk I’d love to see in a regularly common way how many people follow me but it might be even better to just stop that.


Yesss a toggle would be best for this sort of thing.

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This is definitely an interesting and useful idea! I love the time and effort put into it and you explained it super well. I feel like it might be a more complicated feature to have. Normally, the simpler the better on things! BUT if it could be done simply, it would be great!


I feel that depending on the way Dom was planning for the platform to make money/support creators, it might be a bad idea. I mean… if sponsors/advertisers where to be involved, having a display would be vital to attract them (they wouldn’t have access to the info unless Byte sold it, which doesnt feel like something Dom would approve of)


Honestly sounds great. Make the quality of the content better. No more focus on followers but content instead

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I still think it could be completely viable and have sponsors and creators. Like I said, there would be an alternative representation of popularity, just not necessarily a number.

Also, I dont think it would be too sophisticated of a feature to code, it would just mean that instead of having a follower count displayed on your public profile, it would be in the private backend just like with any other app where you adjust your settings it could be displayed in there.

I hope this feature isn’t going to be on the app, because what people said before is that social media such as Instagram et cetera is about numbers.
I personally do not care about the digits, but other people do.

I’d like to have the figures displayed

But then again ya never know when that option may come in handy


I really like this idea actually, it’d be a really good change in pace and prevent the rise of more Logan Pauls and such

Sounds alright , but me personally I don’t see what the problem will be… with having a following/followers count.

Also, Dom has announced that Byte will have the option to toggle that on or off soooooo it’s alright for those that want to use that feature.

The dislike bar should not be there at all … I know you only gave an example, but nah … personally I think if a person does not like the Byte then he can simply chose to not like it…

However in the long run, your idea could work and maybe it can be give a try who knows … might be the next big thing social media platforms decide to roll with .

Nice post ; )