No caption when saving a byte to camera roll

IOS bug fix needed, I hope
When saving a byte to my camera roll my caption is not showing. I know it use to show. I’m hoping this is a bug and not what should be happening. Personally I would like the caption on my saved video.


              Tk Archer

I thought captions weren’t supposed to appear when you saved a vid :open_mouth:

Maybe it doesn’t anymore but it use to, and it would be nice to get it back.

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It would be AMAZING if they added captions back to bytes since I save a lot that I like and share it on my page for other people to see/save the vid (although I’m not sure how it would look if there’s too much text on the caption. BUT it would be nice imo :relieved:

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It would look good To have the caption when we post a byte to another platform

I think they added the text editing tool so captions wouldn’t be needed when exporting. Like if the caption is part of the joke or important to the video then they recommend using the text tool instead of caption if you want to export it.


That’s a good idea. I’ll have to remember next time I need To explain something. Thanks

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