No bullying and criticism on v2

V2 (or any other social media) wasn’t created with the aim of empowering criticism amongst people, so on V2 we shall do our best for establishing a safe and happy community, where everybody feels special no matter they’re famous or not. Everyone is unique, everyone has got something special in them, and no one has got the right to criticize someone or to decieve someone about something negative and discouraging. So I hope that v2 would bring a change.


Make actual artists with talent famous


Hey, refrain from talking about other artists.

Make sure you read the announcements before you post. Regarding Artists & Creators



2.0 should have a smart comment moderation system. It is not only to block a word or a phrase. People can still sneak out and make troll / rude comments.

Google has been trying to build AI to block all troll / rude comments.


Thanks for reminding me ! I just don’t history to repeat itself by making “famous viners” ruin V2


Anytime man!

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Hi Jennifer, is it possible to make the UI easier to read… When I click your icon in which you replied to someone, it pop at the top. I thought I got the response…

Without criticism, the people who were at the top of V1 would be no where. Taking criticism good or bad will always help you improve.


Without criticism, the people who were at the top of V1 would be no where. Taking criticism good or bad will always help you improve.

Just to piggy back this, criticism is pretty much crucial if you want to make better content or improve your content. Of course, bullying and harassing is part of the rules that @jennifer already linked in this thread. Although it can be harsh, criticism makes an artist better.


sadly, “toxic” behavior is bound to come once v2 becomes popular…we just have to get past it and of course the devs need to make sure the community guidelines are respected.


Sorry I accidently deleted my last reply… But I was wondering whether swearing would be blocked or not…

Here’s the thread discussing profanity on v2:

Appreciated, thanks. Have a good day!

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Not in support of this behavior but… Trolls, Rude people, and Haters will always be there. You can’t get rid of somebody because they said something you don’t like. They are just as entitled to say what they want as you are entitled to say what you want. The line shouldn’t be somebody hurt your feelings, because honestly this is the internet and get over it. Where we should draw the line is when bullying, harassment, and things of the like begin branching into real life. Otherwise ignore it, it comes from attention deprived people looking for an ounce of acceptance. Don’t let it get to you, and don’t ban them. Just ignore it.

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If the person is asking for constructive criticism then I believe it’s fine to give them some. There’s a big difference between being all out rude and being helpful though. Bullying shouldn’t be allowed on any platform of social media.

Sad but true

You need criticism in order to grow. There’s a big difference between creative / constructive criticism and bullying. The internet is full of trolls haters gonna hate


I’m glad there will be stricter moderation to be frank. I think constructive criticism is okay, but I do agree that V2 has the potential for bringing a brighter future to content on the internet (rather than going full leafy and exposing people to get popular, seeing as that’s becoming an increasing problem nowadays.)