Nintendo Direct Tomorrow!

There’s a new Nintendo Direct happening tomorrow!!!


To prepare for this great event, I have created my very own bingo sheet with the games I hope will have an appearance in the Direct (all for Nintendo Switch).


Feel free to chat if you have your own predictions/wishes, or wanna discuss on what I have on my bingo sheet. :blush:


i dont have ssbu, but i want a character reveal


They’re going in the right Direction! I hope they have a ssbu reveal, a pokemon game, mother/earthbound stuff, super mario maker, a digital library(like 3ds wii u), and a joker release date!

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Oh so this is what my brother was on about? He talks about Nintendo a lot lol.


wait ssbu is out already. was it a joke or

i’m really confused


It’s been out since December 7, buddy. :sweat_smile:

They need to hurry up with the Smash Ultimate dlc

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It’s only been a couple months dude xD

Besides, Smash 4’s first DLC didn’t release until five months after launch, and we got Piranha Plant in Ultimate a little over a month after launch, with Joker probably releasing in March/April.

We’re pretty darn blessed with how quickly the DLC is releasing as it is, just let them take their time haha

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I’ve played it almost everyday. It feels like its been out for a year. lol

no i meant a reveal for the dlc lol

oHHH gotcha

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