Night Mode

V2 should have a dark theme or night mode as twitter does so the screen wouldn’t be so bright all the time


It does have a dark mode, go to the top right click the gear icon, then you will be on your profile, on the left side you will see a interface button, click that and you can change it to dark mode their.


woaH thanks, that helped a lot

No problem :smile:

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All apps should have this helps with eye strain

we’ll look into this for the app as well if it seems necessary


yeah this dark mode is hella nice. super easy on the eyes.

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personally, I’m not a fan of the dark mode, I don’t use it on twitter either. But I’m happy that it exists for those who enjoy it.


Glad to see that you saw this thread! Hopefully this feature can make it to the final app.

I really hope this is added
I love the night mode on twitter, it really makes your eyes feel better at night time, yet there should be a button that lets you turn it on forever. Black can be a much nicer colour instead of the general white or possibly green.

Yeah! Something like that!