Nice Camera Suggestions

Hey, so I’m considering in investing in a better camera because my phone camera is fine, but not amazing and has it’s limits. I would need it to be kind of like a “vlog” style camera, bc I would use it more while moving around than on a tripod. Also looking for good auto focus because my last camera was TRASH when it came to that and it was rly frustrating. Also, really don’t want anything with a billion attachments or that needs it’s own suitcase lol. I’m going to do more research obviously just putting this out there in case anyone has one they like or is knowledgeable on the topic. So far I’ve been recommended the Canon M50. If you can help at all, thanks!

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Aw, shit. What’s good, Mad Lion? A vlog camera, you say? Well well, do I have the camera for you!

Man, I sound like a salesman. But, yeah, I was considering doing vlog-type videos if I ever got the money or the time to just throw at YouTube ads at memes, Mr. Beast style, and how he grew to fame by just investing in philanthropy and got even more money in return for every deed he did from ad revenue. Something along those lines. Maybe when I start school again, I’ll do it.

As far as cameras I’ve been looking at, I’ve been looking at a few myself. I was looking for something more subtle because I definitely didn’t want to be the kind of person who goes around talking to themselves while they have a camera in their face 24/7, it’d be way too embarrassing for me, so I considered using a GoPro Hero 8 (ranked #7 on best 2020 vlogging cameras) for its portability and easy attachment. Just put it on your backpack or something and voila – you become a human camera, and for an affordable price!

As far as the camera I currently have, it’s a Canon Vixia HF R400. It’s alright, it’s handheld and can also be attached via tripod or in the same selfie-cam style vloggers use – it’s really up to you. It’s not a bad camera, and I’ve grown used to its functions, so it’s cool, albeit outdated since I got it in about 2013 or 2012.

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Thanks! I have seen the gopro suggested by some. I guess i just need to figure out what I need the most from the camera, because I would like to use it on a tripod too.

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Canon g7x. Great auto focus, depth of field, stabilization…has a flip screen so you can see yourself while recording. And can be used on a tripod


It’s also small and does well recording in low light

Great! I’ll definitely check that one out. Being able to flip the screen is definitely important. Thanks!

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You can use gopros on tripods. There are cases for gopros that make them compatible with a tripod screw

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