Niantic's New Game! & PewDiePie about to lose!

OH, MY, GOD! A lot of new has just come out!

The makers of Pokemon GO has just announced Harry Potter, Wizards Unite!
(Ive known this for a while but its official now!)

This is so exciting!

Also, PewDiePie is 500 subs away from losing! Subscribe now!!!


Oooof! I remember making a video about this as soon as the name was released. I still haven’t gotten an email, so the release date must be quite far away

Maybe around July but, I also haven’t got an email but I don’t know what its suppose to contain.

noone cares nathan…:frowning:

If you went to Hogwarts what house do you think you’d be sorted into?

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I already got sorted, and it is…Slytherin!

How’d you already get sorted?

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(Yes I get to promote myself) because I made a video on pottermore, you can see that in the pottermore playlist on The Magical Vlogger/ / Gaming channel!!! Yayy!

Haha nice lil shameless plug

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