NFL Byte Fantasy League 2020! (Winner gets a prize mwahaha)

Hello everyone! Last year, I made a NFL Fantasy league for byte!.. it didn’t go well because I sucked at managing it, but THIS year will be different! Im hoping people will join with the link right here if they are interested in NFL or Fantasy Football in any way, or are just looking to have some fun!

How to Join:

  1. download the nfl fantasy app on your android/ios device, or do it on your computer :slight_smile:

  2. When you open the app, please click ‘Join A League’

  3. Press ‘Received Invite’ and fill out the following

League ID: 8809312
League Password: dom2020

When we get enough people, I will make a discord server with a channel that updates everyone on whats going on in the league and maybe we can set up a time/date to draft our players! Ill be thinking of a prize for the winner also :wink: im thinking… either
a favorite football players jersey from the NFL Shop (lower than $100)
Anything on the NFL website with that adds up to $75-$90
by me, anyways, lets have some fun! Please join if youre interested



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