Next big influx

The fact that the CEO of TikTok has quit amongst all the ban controversy happening at the moment, I can’t help feeling excited at the fact the next big influx might be coming!!!


oooor this could mean TikTok’s about to be bought out and the CEO realized he probably won’t have his role anymore so he’s gonna resign now :thinking:

he said “Against this backdrop, and as we expect to reach a resolution very soon,”

That line was pretty telling that a BO is imminent imo


i don’t think there will be another big influx, we’re looking at multiple options; one of those options is that it’ll get sold to US brand/company, or TikTok will refuse to sell the platform and fight hard with a lawsuit. it’s unconstitutionally impossible to ban TT in the US, it’s all politics talks & hype. imo

kevin resigned cause he doesn’t want to be part of the headache, he took the easy way out!


With almost every major social media company bringing their own app to rival Tik Tok, Byte has a stiff battle, but as long as we stick together and promote the app as much as we can, Byte will have a chance to coexist I believe!


How many more big influxes are we gonna have before people actually stick around though? Byte has already had 3 Major chances


I think the problem is people are used to tiktok’s layout and byte is pretty lacking on what options you have to make videos in app.


I don’t think the influxes are going to do it. It’s gonna have to be organic growth, I think. was around the same day that Vine was shut down, but it didn’t become TikTok for like 3 years.

I remember going to and going “this is weird and not what I want and there’s nobody on it.”

6 Likes and Tiktok served more as a dance and music app. Instead of producing real content, users simply danced and imitated by moving their lips over the ready-made content. Vine, on the other hand, became the practice of neo-theater players who mostly produced humor content. I hope Byte also starts to be recognized as a more advanced version of Vine.


This is the kind of mindset we’re all looking for,

We don’t need to change for anyone’s approval, we can be who we want to be.

By sticking together and with the right promotional material/process, we can be on our way :relieved:


Not everyone could find a place for themselves in Tiktok. Tiktok’s only return was popularity. People agreed to Tiktok in order not to lose its popularity. However, everyone can find a place in Byte. Byte’s range is wider. No need to get into a certain form. An application that will make everyone feel at home maintains its permanence.


There will be no more influxes. Depending on the possibility that TikTok will be banned is a poor way of wrangling users. People have been banging the same two drums since before the apps release.

  1. Advertising: Get people to come to the app
  2. In-app editing: if people are editing in-app that means they are spending ACTIVE time on the app, making stuff. Rather than just PASSIVE time scrolling and waiting for engagement.

It’s not that hard but the team doesn’t seem to want to listen. :man_shrugging:t2:


u do realise nobody on tiktok cares about byte anymore

they havent talked ab it in months and the only time they did was to shit on it

You guys are so negative and acting like you know everything about what the future entails. I said I felt “excited” about what might happen.

It’s fine to have a different opinion to me and I can respect that but why are you even using byte and investing in it by putting your content on it and spending hours in the forums and the discord if you think it has no future with no potential to grow?


I don’t know if this was in part addressed to me but I do think it has a future and I do think it will grow. I have some problems with the app but overall I like it a lot!

To all of yall that said there would be no more influxes

Girl bye :sparkling_heart: