Newest updates and a thank yooou!

Oooomg wooooo :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:!!!
First… Wowow!! Thank you wonderful Dom and all staff!!

It works now!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray: It looks soo freak cooool!!! I was wonderful how the grid with animations would look like! :laughing::laughing: I like the boomerang. Awesomeness!! :sob::smile::slight_smile: :muscle:Strong work team! :slight_smile: glad the grid is there :wink::wink:

Comment likes, very coool

Minor bug… Lolol, Comments: Are noooot in chronological order hahaha… I can tell who commented first, and its… Flipped upside down
…then scrambled…then really scrambles lolol
If I hadn’t “@” responded you have have nooo idea who I was responding to lol

Looove yooou!

If I find anything else…Ill edit this…like always :laughing::laughing::yum::sparkling_heart::tiger:


Mine are upside down too :upside_down_face:

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:laughing: I just looked at my screenshot and saw that I need to charge my phone hahahahaaa dang iiit!! :laughing::laughing: oooh nooo you know I have headphones on and what time it is… currently hahaha!! Meeeh

Minor… pausing is not working oooonly because when you double tap it likes the post… holding down only brings up the comments…

They flipped pausing and viewing comments for the TikTokers. You can change it back to how it was before in the settings.


Awe… Very goood

One tap pause! Solved lol

Mmmm!! Mmk when getting a notification from those who just posted (veeery cool btw) it does not go to their post…

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Looove this! Great idea :sparkling_heart:

I am seeing pop up a lot when I hop on Byte… I refollow (of course) each time, it’s a few hours, then it comes back. Been waiting to share this only to see if it would stop.