Newest Tweet

I really hope dom’s newest tweet doesn’t have to do with v2

eventhough im 90% sure it does


Sameeee, I just saw it and yes it seems to be for v2 :pensive::roll_eyes:

hope he updates us about what’s going on.

Probably is about v2

What did the tweet say? I can’t seem to find it now; did he delete it?

What was tweeted?

He retweeted of what Kayne West said. That’s all I saw. “try to avoid any contractual situation where you are held back from your ideas” That’s what Kayne tweeted.

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Talking about his retweet? It’s not bad news!! At first I read it wrong like “o shoot he gonna back out” but it says “don’t put yourself in a place where you’re held back from your ideas” which I think means that dom’s ideas (about V2) are going places that no contract (with twitter for example) would let him execute!

That’s just my interpretation though hahaha it could just be a good quote he likes


Maybe he’s shading Twitter, like… No one’s gonna hold this back now!! Lol. :joy:


Yeah I saw it and I immediately thought of Twitter. If anything this is good for V2.


I think y’all are reaching lmao, Kanye is a known genius so maybe he retweeted it cause it was actually true, not cause it pertained to v2


I’m sure the tweet has little to do with v2. Don’t worry. This app is gonna be great.

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I’m quite worried now :worried:

Not worried at all… it’s just a retweet :blush:

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It’ll just be me over thinking


This app is going to happen, even if it takes a little longer for him to do it. :slight_smile: