Newest channels are ridiculous. Should have just been hashtags

How did we get one batch of good channel a couple days and then suddenly just now get these ridiculously specific ones just now while still not getting food/cooking or education/how-to channels. Why are these newest one channels now instead of just hashtags?

Now we definitely see who is being catered to and who all is looked over. While the other channels are still filled with spam that does not belong in the channel. I thought it was going to get better but instead is heading even more in the direction I feared.

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they might just be temporary or “seasonal” as the byte team likes to call it


I think they are good for filtering out the flood of those very specific videos flooding “funny” and what not

I love them :pouting_cat::pouting_cat: they are very gorgeous to me :heart_eyes_cat:


Yeah, I’m actually leaving now until this place isn’t just a discount TikTok and until it isn’t filled with “I’m so quirky and unique and not like the other girls/guys” TikTok dickheads trying to start shit and crusade against people for no reason. This is even more disappointing than if the platform just died. This is supposed to be a competitor to TikTok and a spiritual successor to Vine, NOT another TikTok clone. See ya guys once this place betters itself.

all of those channels have large audiences, i’m sure it will end up fine


I am not saying they should not exist at all, but they seem more like what would just stay a hashtags while they are popular. They will mostly likely not stay a fad and disappear so they do not need a channel. Channels should focus more on what will last.

The other aggravation is how quickly they added them, while there are others we have been asking for.

alt tiktok is a very large group with many sub genres, it would be insane to have to put all of them on one channel when we could have multiple, maybe we could have like a folder of channels and y’all would feel better about it?


I don’t want any of this, I just want to laugh at 2016-Vine type shit again, like these:

Well it’s not 2016 anymore so

well things have changed lol,
plus vine was kinda cringy but we’re not gonna talk about that

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Vine died


I feel like hashtags should just be the channels. And anyone can make one.

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i get your point. these channels are meant to help filter out unrelated spams in the wrong channels; this a first step (assuming) once everything cools down then channel Mod will take control of spams/non-related content. :slightly_smiling_face:

Vine is dead. Dead Asf. If you want to watch 2016- style vines then watch them. Or go on channels that have the content you want.

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Fill out the suggest a channel form! We have to just be as vocal as the n00bs I guess. Heh, you could spam how-to and food in the n00b channels and prompt them to complain on our behalf :v:

Most likely this is true, but there should be in indication that it’s seasonal and not permanent like more major categories Or else confusion might erode when the /Harry styles category gets deleted and /funny stays ya know