Newcomers from tiktok posting in the wrong categories

i’m not really sure what category this would fit into but i’m noticing that since the huge influx of new people joining has happened, every category is being taken over by people asking to become famous. I’m not exactly sure what to do about it, and i’m not exactly sure if they’re on purpose or if it’s a genuine misunderstanding, but it’s so frustrating seeing all these posts that have nothing to do with each category just being shot to the top. would it be too much to report the bytes? if so, what else could we do to try and fix this?

  • maybe make a new category for new people trying to figure stuff out? maybe one for bytes teaching people how to use the app?
    (i’ll edit with some more ideas if i see/come up with any)

if the wrong channel choice seems intentional (which most likely would be, because each channel explains what it’s for) then i’d say report it so a mod can choose the correct one


the mods must be having a field day rn lmao

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Dom said in another thread that they can’t moderate the channels anymore because there’s just too much, so, for now they’re doing nothing, so no point in reporting. They’re working on a way to fix it, in the meantime it’ll just be chaotic for a while. :slight_smile: