New York City is the ______ city

I’d say crazy city😂 Definitely a place to visit or establish a career, but not a place to live forever

Hotdog :hotdog:

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New York City is the city of smog.


loudest (i guess that’s the reason for it being the city that never sleeps just because no one can sleep in this city its just so noisy)


Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.


new york city is the sleepless city. when i went to times square, it was like 3am and the streets were STILL full of people. the nightlife down there is crazy !!


City that never sleeps!

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Is cool but if they had LA weather it would be a perfect city.

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Pizza too. Can’t forget about how people
in NYC are all about their pizza

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:joy::joy: True.

When you ten millions of people living in one city it’s bound to be noisy. Could only imagine living in a major city in China or India

Concrete jungle is dedicated an accurate statement of NYC. As far as dreams… it really depends on how hard you want to hustle there. NY aint cheap

Eyy if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere

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The tourist parts are bound to be like that. Times Square is like that

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True to that. Also people in NY think it’s the epicenter of the universe

LA seems like it’d be better with the warmer weather

Now you’re sounding like a true New Yorker😂

New York City is the multicultural city

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That’s true. New York is a very diverse place